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We are a Mixed Billing Medical Practice

* Bulk billing for children aged 15 & under, health care card holders and pensioners is available with some doctors, please speak to reception about availability.


Standard Consultation (10 mins)

Long Consultation (20 mins)

Complex Consultation (30 mins)





Standard Consultation (10 mins)

After 1:00 PM

*Only 10-minute appointments are offered for booking on Weekends/Public Holidays, however on the occasion this runs over the allocated time, billing will increase to reflect this

Long Consultation (20 mins)

After 1:00 PM



Sunday/Public Holidays

Standard Consultation (10 mins)

Long Consultation (20 mins)

Only 10-minute appointments are offered for booking on Weekends/Public Holidays, however on the occasion this runs over the allocated time, billing will increase to reflect this




General Consultations – 10m Brief, 20m Long, 30m Extended Consultation

All of our Doctors offer Bulk-Billing for Aged Pensioners, DVA Patients and Concession Card Holders.

Some of our Doctors offer Bulk-Billing for Children Under 15 and Patients Over 65 with no concession.


Additional Services – Booking times vary depending on the service, please speak with reception

Other Services including things such as vaccinations, procedures, workers compensation consultations, medicals, mental health consultations, etc may attract private fees. Please advise our friendly reception staff when scheduling your appointment so they can quote appropriate fees.

Weekends & Public Holidays

General Consultations Only – 10m Brief Consultations

The clinic only offers brief general consultations on weekends and public holidays.

Fees are slightly increased, however bulk billing eligibility remains the same as weekday appointments.


Medicare Rebate






Available for COVID-19 positive patients, please call reception to arrange a telehealth consult with your doctor.


Fail to Attend and Cancellation Fees are applicable, a minimum 2 HOURS NOTICE is required for general GP Consultations – Failure to provide required notice will attract a $25 FTA Fee.


Long nurse appointments (20 minutes +) including, but not limited to services such as procedures, health care plans/assessments, iron infusions and medicals require a minimum 24 HOURS NOTICE – Failure to provide required notice will attract a $45 FTA Fee.



If you are experiencing an emergency, call 000

If you require urgent (non-emergency) after-hours medical attention, please call one of the following:

Home visits

Our clinic does not formally offer home visits, however it is up to the individual practitioners discretion if they decide to accommodate a home visit when required, for their patient.

Walk-in Appointments

MedCentral GP Clinic welcomes walk-ins subject to availability.

Royal Darwin Hospital

105 Rocklands Dr, Tiwi, NT 1080

(o8) 8922 8888

Palmerston Regional Hospital

Linco Rd, Holtze, NT 0829

(08) 7979 9200

Palmerston Urgent Care Clinic

3 Gurd Street, Farrar

(08) 8931 4140


Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 9.25.48 PM.png


Immunisations are health initiatives which involve developing the body’s immunity to prevent certain diseases.  Immunisation for children is considered a vital part of well-baby healthcare visits in Australia as it serves to prevent serious, sometimes, fatal illnesses such as meningitis, polio, tetanus, measles, influenza, and diphtheria which resulted in a high rate of child death in the past.


MedCentral GP Clinic is equipped with all necessary vaccines and we support and recommend that the Standard Immunisation Schedule as set out by the Department of Health is undertaken by every child in our clinic.


We will try to make you an appointment with a doctor of your preference as soon as possible.


Please remember that some of our doctors work part-time.

If there is more than one person to see the doctor, or if you have several problems to discuss, we recommend you book an extended appointment; a regular appointment is 10 mins.


Doctors at MedCentral GP Clinic attempt to run on time. However varying needs of patients and those with acute ill health often affect our ability to run on 10-minute appointments. Longer consultations are always available. Please ask staff to arrange a longer consultation if you require more complex consultations or multiple concerns.


Options are available for persons who would prefer not to wait in the communal waiting room. Check with our friendly staff.


Our practice uses an SMS system for result recalls, appointment reminders as well as other types of health reminders, e.g. immunisations, cervical cancer screenings etc.


Please advised reception if you do not wish to receive SMS.

In the event that patients don’t have a mobile number recalls and reminders will be issued via phone call or post.


Most problems are best dealt with in consultation with our doctors. However, if you have an urgent enquiry, you can call our reception team and they will liaise with the doctor to find out the best method to resolve any issues.

Please be aware repeat prescriptions, results and referrals require an appointment with the doctor.

Email communication is discouraged due to it not being a secure form of communication, so any medical information is best discussed with your doctor in person.


Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. A copy of our privacy policy is available on request from the reception team.


Translation services are offered through TIS – Translating and Interpreter Services.

TIS provides face to face translation services where possible and in the event, we do not have an available interpreter in our area, TIS provides over the phone translating services.


Patients are required to return for a consultation to obtain results, preferably with the doctor who ordered the test. If any results are abnormal and/or require urgent attention we will contact you via phone call.


MedCentral GP Clinic is a licensed vaccination centre.

We can provide the entire range of vaccinations necessary for your travel including popular destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Peru and Bali.

Vaccinations include Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis, Typhoid, and many more.


Read our Privacy Policy here.


Please make an appointment with one of our GPs if you need to renew a prescription. Even if it is something that you may have been prescribed regularly, it is important that you have a consultation with your doctor. This is so we can assess if your medication is still necessary and whether the dose is correct. This is a safety issue and is very important even if you have been on the same medication for years.


Similarly, you are required to make an appointment with your GP if you need a referral to your specialist, so that we can keep your specialist up to date with your care.


In the event of you misplacing or losing your recently issued prescription or referral letter, your doctor may be able to provide you with another without an appointment. However, please note that a small administrative fee may be charged.


We treat patient feedback and complaints seriously, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please discuss with the Reception Team, Doctor or Practice Manager.


Alternatively, you may add anonymous suggestions to our suggestion box located at reception or send an email to

If you feel your complaint was not dealt with appropriately, you may contact the Complaints Commissioner on 1300 582 113 or by mail at Level 26, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000.

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